Throughout the front-of-house experience in a restaurant, an abundance of collectable data points are being created. A diner makes a reservation on OpenTable - data points. A diner orders the Pinot Grigio - data points. This information tells restaurants all about a diner's in-restaurant experience.

There is certainly no shortage of data in a restaurant's back-office operation either. A diner opens an email promotion - data points. A diner leaves a negative review on Yelp - data points. This intel is crucial when considering the entire guest journey.

The Restaurant Industry is filled with data, but in the past it has been impossible to find, combine, and make actionable. At Venga, one of our specialities is connecting the dots between the data points most important to restaurant operators so they can get back to doing what they do best: providing hospitality.

In the following report, you will find just that- statistical insights into the restaurant industry.