Introducing the Venga Development Team!

Venga is excited to introduce our dynamic Development Team!

Venga is a technology solution for our restaurant partners, and this gives our Development Team the unique challenge of making sure hospitality remains intact as technology advances. When reading about our team members, one theme will be abundantly clear: they are all passionate about technology innovation being a path to solving problems. 


Sean Carpenter, Venga's Director of Engineering, began his career in pharmaceutical manufacturing before finding his passion in software development. With over 16 years of experience, his diverse portfolio includes work in pharmaceutical CRM, web portals, social media advertising, and telecommunications. Today, we are lucky enough to have Sean leading the Venga Development Team in their ongoing product innovations and software advancements.


Jason Leveille is our Software Engineer but at his core, he is a teacher. Early in his career, Jason shared his passion for technology by teaching High School Computer Science for 8 years. Wanting to put his own teachings into practice, he transitioned into software development full time. While gaining over 10 years of development experience, Jason worked with clients ranging from startups to nonprofits. As a member of Venga's Development Team, Jason continues to mentor colleagues and demonstrate how software is a powerful tool for solving problems.


Tamara Austin is Venga's Software Developer, but she also sets a trailblazing example as a successful woman working in technology. She has 7 years of experience working in software development on projects ranging from unmanned air vehicles, a railroad messaging platform, and several enterprise web applications. A strong Venga team player, she remains passionate about innovation and the role technology plays in today's growing opportunities.


Aditya Sridhar is one of Venga's longest standing Veterans. While he has always enjoyed learning, Aditya was really able to hone his development skills while in the QUEST Program at the University of Maryland. He has participated in an internship with the Exelon Corporation where he focused on Utilities, consulted at Unilever and ATK to solve process challenges, and even caught the software bug at the DOE hackathon in Washington, DC. Aditya is always thinking outside the box, listening to a new Podcast, and supporting his team in making the Venga Dev team successful.