Ready to Reengineer your Menu? 

With the arrival of spring, it is a perfect time to freshen up your menu! But reengineering your menu is no small feat. When you are ready to take on the challenge, Venga has the tools you need to make the best informed choices.

Do guests like our menu?

Get a detailed report card from your diners. With Venga's Sentiment Analysis tool, automatically analyze, categorize and graph the trends of positive, neutral, and negative sentiment in reviews to get the specific feedback you need.

Ok - but do diners like our Spring Salad?

Drill down to reviews containing exact menu items with Venga's Keyword Search Analysis tool for any time period. We'll aggregate results containing any keyword along with the overall score, date, and the surrounding review text.

Phew, diners like the Spring Salad. Let's add a similar option and promote it!

Reach out to guests who have previously ordered the Spring Salad and let them know about the new menu addition! With our Report Builder tool, you can create smartly targeted marketing lists based on guest's past order history. 

Do diners like our newest salad!?

Send your guests customized, branded Post-Dining Surveys and cover specific menu items - like the new salad on the menu! Now, you'll be sure to get the definitive feedback you want for a successful menu addition. Use Sentiment Analysis and Keyword Search to confirm that everyone loves it (or not)!

How can we help?

If you would like more information or a product demo, please fill out our demo request form and someone will be in touch with you shortly.