Server Evaluations and Guest Intel: Upgraded

We have two exciting updates this month that we developed with the help of Venga clients.

SERVER PERFORMANCE in the dashboard

Base your next employee performance evaluation on feedback straight from the mouths of your customers. The Server Performance tool compares servers, displays check averages, and shows guest's individual comments and reviews left for each server.

Go to the "Server" tab on the Venga dashboard to rank your servers by their feedback ratings. Click on a server to drill down to a snapshot of their performance.


We are giving you a heads up about big spenders and online reviewers before they walk through the door. The Venga pre-shift report spotlights influential guests with Klout scores and Professional Bios.

Klout scores a person's influence on a scale of 1-100. A high number tells you the size of their networks and how much sway they have. Guests with high scores have more reach if they post about their dining experience online.