There’s no shortage of founders blogging and podcasting about their experience starting and running their companies. They run the gamut from shameless, rose-tinted self-promotion to the most honest and vulnerable accounts of the struggles they face. Many are written by CEO’s that have raised more money, had bigger exits, have more nuanced insight, and are better writers than I. They are a tremendous resource for newly minted and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The founders’ entries in this blog are not intended to be yet another blog on the perks and perils of  entrepreneurship, nor to instruct anyone on where to focus their efforts and which mistakes to avoid. Rather, they are intended for a much narrower, but more fundamental, audience. Our goal in putting forth the effort to maintain the founders’ contribution to this blog is twofold:

  1. To let our clients, employees, and partners know what it means to work for and with Venga - our values, culture, and commitments

  2. To share the restaurant industry trends and insights we are uniquely positioned to observe, given the wealth of customer, purchase, marketing, and review data we are synthesizing

As one of our core company values is “Run Toward Criticism,” we welcome any feedback you have, positive or negative, on the blog and can reach us at