Have you ever had to suddenly change the class schedule?

Weather, instructor changes, power outages - life happens, that's why your class schedule isn't carved in stone! But making an adjustment to your studio's schedule can prove to be just as challenging as if they were. That's where Venga's Class Alerts come in.

I have to cancel a class! Now what?

We make it easy - we're dynamically linked to your MINDBODY data, so pick the class and choose to send a Class Alert via SMS, Email, or according to individual client preference. And best of all? Notify everyone with a single click (instead of emailing or texting each student one at a time).

What about the class in our MINDBODY schedule?

Don't worry, with that same click to notify clients who booked the class, we can also automatically turn off your class offering in MINDBODY so there are no additional bookings.

How else can Venga help me?

Class Alerts are just one way we help studios nurture client journeys on an individualized basis. New client welcome messages, class reminders, milestone encouragement, lapsed client soft-touches - meet your clients where they are with authenticity and sincerity.

How can we help?

If you would like more information or a product demo, please fill out our demo request form and someone will be in touch with you shortly.