Maximizing Feedback Responses

68% of consumers trust the reviews their anonymous peers post online, reading up to 6 reviews before ever stepping foot in a restaurant. For many restaurants, this is a scary reality with a high potential for negative reviews to negatively impact business. But it doesn’t have to be all doom & gloom- when guests leave negative feedback, restaurants have an opportunity to excel at customer service & guest recovery.
Real-Time Feedback
Restaurants receive countless reviews on a regular basis, making the process of tracking and responding to each sentiment overwhelming! As Boka’s Operations Manager, Larry Flam, points out, “In the old days we would get some reviews, typically via email, or we would have to search through all of the social media sites.” This way of tracking was vulnerable to human error, lacked scalability, and proved greatly inefficient. Boka came to Venga for a solution: aggregate and analyze all our online feedback and facilitate our guest recovery process.

Our first step was digging into Boka feedback data. We aggregated all the reviews from over 15 sites, including Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google+, Facebook, and OpenTable, across the entire Boka Group into one Feedback Management system. We also generated a Daily Feedback Report, sent automatically to the Boka Team, so they remained informed in real-time.

This gave Larry a birdseye view of guest feedback and the confidence to know his team had all the information: “The beauty is we don’t have to hunt down all of the intel, it shows up the next day. As a GM, all you have to do is read it.”
Engagement Efficiency
Review aggregation and analysis were only part of the solution, we also provided the ability to directly respond to guest feedback through Venga’s Feedback Management tab. By centralizing the guest recovery process, the Boka team became more responsive and efficient: “The feedback we get, positive and negative, all GM’s are responding immediately. So it’s great having all of that information available as far as emails, phone numbers, etc. Venga makes it easy for us to track down these people who leave reviews and respond to them. So we do respond.”
Guest Recovery
Prioritizing the guest recovery process has been a huge success for the Boka team and they have the data to prove it. Response times have fallen and their response rates continue to rise. In fact, by responding to negative guest feedback, Boka completely neutralized the effect of negative experiences on guests returning to their restaurants. This is an amazing accomplishment when considering, on average, other groups see 30% fewer guests return who leave negative feedback compared to those that leave positive feedback. Larry and the Boka team have welcomed the new guest recovery process, noting “now we almost take this for granted because it’s such a core part of what we do, day to day.”