Networking with Iconic Studio Owners

Boutique Fitness Summit 2018
We had such an illuminating experience last Friday at The Boutique Fitness Summit in NYC!

Refreshing conversations and sessions centered around empowering studios to run efficiently, maximize revenue, and build collaborative business communities. The purpose of the event remained clear throughout: arm boutique fitness studios with actionable insights to support their business success.

One stand-out theme for us was the emphasis on creating a world-class service culture. Founders of Mark Fisher Fitness held a session specifically on this topic, and they emphasized the personalized culture they created to drive revenue.

In just their fourth year of business, they have already generated $4 million revenue… not too shabby!

With our own background in hospitality, Venga remains appreciative of personalized customer experiences. It’s so motivating to see the value of personalization shared amongst the boutique fitness community as well!

Nt Etuk, one of the Co-Founders of BFS, led a packed session on the different technologies currently equipping the fitness industry. We were excited to demonstrate how Venga is an all-in-one toolset, uniquely designed to support automated marketing, premier customer service, increased revenue, boosted retention, and an engaged fitness community.

To wrap up the day, the Networking Happy Hour (the happiest of hours, of course) gave us an awesome chance to connect with iconic studio owners and operators from all over the country! We really valued the opportunity to hear the vibrant community of independent and boutique fitness studios.

Whether its standing out in a crowded market like New York City, or creating personalized experiences for clients at scale, we’re confident Venga seamlessly supports your studio’s goals.

Try for free and see for yourself!