How Founding Farmers Became The Most Booked Restaurant In The U.S. For 5 Years Running

While they [Founding Farmers] have received some criticism for the size of their menus, servings and restaurants, the truth is, that is exactly what their guests want. And they know it.

Certainly their Open Table reservation statistics and number of guests served are important indicators, but they also keep tabs on everything from the amount of food that comes back on the plate uneaten to other data gathered on guest satisfaction.

Some of this is done, very simply, with staff observation and communication, some of it reading and responding to approximately 1,500 reviews per month on Google+, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Open Table, Venga, online website feedback forms and social media reviews. In addition to these feedback channels, they use software that speaks to their point of sale system as well as their reservation system to gather information.

This software aggregates the data into a more digestible format and from here, with some support from the marketing team, the leadership team learns what is working and what isn’t, by location, and they’re able to adjust as needed. The most movement happens within the first year or two of a new restaurant. Since none of the restaurants are exactly the same, there is always new ground to cover.


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