Really Know Thy Guest: Venga’s Upgraded Guest Profile

Have you ever wanted to know more about that big spender at table 9? What about the wine connoisseur who’s coming in for a reservation later tonight?

Have you ever wished you could remind your favorite gluten-free diner that you’ve added some new options to the menu? What about reminding your guests who haven’t been in for a while… We Miss You!!!!

Have you ever seen an OpenTable review that was so unsatisfactory, you wanted to immediately reach out to that dine and find out what happened? What about wanting to connect the dots between the diner, their review, and their server, and their order?

What about wanting to connect the dots between the diner, their review, and their server, and their order?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, you don’t work in a restaurant.

If you answered “Yes”, our Upgraded Guest Profile will bring you a whole lot of joy.

We decided to start the Guest Profile upgrade process with what we knew already worked wonders: our unique OpenTable and point-of-sale integration that matches guests with their spend, visit, and order history to create detailed Guest Profiles. Armed with this intel, restaurants can:

  • Personalize service by tracking a guest’s visit, spend and menu-item data, shareable across a group’s locations
  • Target marketing campaigns based on past purchases to ensure guests receive relevant content
  • Save time recovering guests with review aggregation from over 19 sites, centralized on the Venga dashboard

We then combined valued feedback from our clients with A LOT of internal team brainstorming to supercharge this key feature. It’s now easier than ever to review detailed Guest Profiles containing Front of House indicators, as well as historic dining intel.

  1. Guest photo, contact details and links to social media profiles when available
  2. Consolidated history of the guest’s past visits, the reviews they have left and email campaigns the guest has received
  3. New ability to add group-wide guest notes seen in Pre-Shift reports
  4. OpenTable guest codes and Venga generated intelligence
  5. Guest notes from across your restaurant group

To date, Venga has converted data on over 75 million guests into robust Guest Profiles. By utilizing our upgraded Guest Profile feature, restaurants are engaging their diners like never before and proving that personalized hospitality is still very much a priority.