Our Newest Targeted Marketing Integration: Venga + Emma

At Venga, we continue to strive to enhance the ways our restaurant partners engage with their guests. When guests visit a restaurant, they capture the feeling of the establishment through the environment, the sounds, the tastes,  and the smells. While we know no company has been able to send tastes and smells via digital media yet (#goals), we also know that when it comes to digital engagement, email marketing is by far the most personal way to get in touch with your valued diners.

By using Venga’s integration with Emma, your email marketing efforts are enhanced:

  • OpenTable email contacts will be automatically uploaded into your Emma contact lists each night
  • Create custom guest segments (e.g. champagne drinkers, steak eaters, VIPs, frequent guests) on the Venga dashboard and sync these lists to Emma
  • Email marketing lists are automatically updated each night with new guests that fit your set criteria
  • Measure the ROI from Emma campaigns including the number of reservations, covers, total spend, and cover average of the guests who visited after receiving your email
  • Track the emails guests have received in their Venga dashboard profile and on your Venga pre-shift reports

Sending an email to your restaurant’s guests is the 2017 version of a handwritten letter- celebrate upcoming restaurant events, discuss new menu items, share promotions, or just let your guests know- you’d love to see them back at your table soon! With our newest Emma integration, enhancing your email marketing efforts with actionable data just became that much easier.