Venga Upgraded: Server Performance and Preshift Report

Here at Venga, when we begin to develop a plan for product improvement, we turn to the feedback from our restaurant partners first. For this month, we focused on upgrading some of our most-used features: Server Performance and Venga Preshift Reports.

Server Performance

We know restaurants rely on guest’s feedback to improve their business, so we upgraded each server’s overview to make analyzing their performance as easy as possible.

In our upgraded Server Scorecard, dashboard users can easily see a comparison of each server’s performance. At a glance, see an individual server’s service rating and overall rating, as well as how those scores compare to all servers on staff. Similarly, in the Per Person Cover Average section, find out how one server’s sales average compares to all servers. As an added bonus, the cover averages are broken down by breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

If you want to dig deeper into the actual reviews contributing to a server’s scores, head to the Reviews section. In this scrolling window, you will be able to see every review matched to this server in the selected time period.

Preshift Report

The Venga Preshift Report is designed to deliver guest insights in advance of every upcoming shift so that the service staff can cohesively offer the best hospitality possible.

We now include the job title, bio, and Klout score captured from guest’s social profiles, so you can quickly read exactly how each guest describes themselves and what they do for a living. Making that personal connection with your guests just became that much easier.