Service with a Smile and Some Very Sophisticated Software: How Farmers Restaurant Group Uses Big Data to Better Serve Their Guests

Farmers Restaurant Group made the decision early on to run a robust technology platform. While Open Table is one of their primary sources of data, they use a whole host of other software programs, rolled together through API’s. For example, they collect data to measure how menu changes affect reviews, timing, and even profitability. They also track down to the server level and know who gets the bigger tips and brings guests back to dinner again. When there is a problem, a customer complaint in house or online, they can track it back to the server, the chef, and everything else that happened. They can use the software for marketing, specifically targeting previous customers who express interest, or reaching out through social media channels connected to Open Table.

Some of the additional programs FRG uses, include Aloha, a point of sale software; Venga for detailed table analytics, connecting guests with the food they order, and looking specifically at frequency of visits and customer satisfaction; UpServe, previously known as Swipely, which sits on top as a credit card processing software that can also be used for marketing; as well as Compeat and Ultimate, the combination of which handle accounting, HR, and payroll. They also recently created a contact center bringing all phone reservations and oversight of online reservations away from the hostess stand and into their office, offering the company a real time bird’s eye view of everything that is going on in their restaurants at any given moment.


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