August Server of the Month: Lana from GT Oyster

In this installment of Venga’s Server of the Month Series, we catch up with Lana from GT Oyster. Lana’s work ethic made her a stand-out example for her team, but her commitment to hospitality makes her an example for the restaurant industry.

Venga:  How did you get started in the hospitality industry?

Lana: My first industry job was as a hostess at P.F. Changs. I graduated high school early and needed something to pass the time while my friends were still in class and found that I loved the people aspect of being in the industry.

Venga:  What is the best part of being in hospitality?

Lana: Everyday is a new a day. It never feels redundant and you meet so many people. I’m also lucky to work in a chef driven restaurant so we’re constantly learning new things about food and wine.

Venga: What is one piece of advice that you would give to a brand new server?

Lana: When you’re in the weeds, step back and take a big breath. Ask for help. Your coworkers are your teammates. Also, always keep a positive attitude and smile!

Venga: If you could have any meal, what would it be?

Lana: I am a sucker for fresh seafood and sweets. A platter of sashimi and chocolate ice cream cake would be awesome right now.

“Lana brings a genuine care for her guests and co-workers. She is the first to recognize regulars and always remembers their preferences. She has a calming presence that is always welcoming in the hectic restaurant world!”     – GT Oyster Manager Kassandra

“Just went to GT Oyster for a birthday celebration. The oysters were delicious. The service was amazing.  We gave the birthday girl a card and our waitress remembered by giving the birthday girl another card (with a GT gift card) and a desert for free (with a candle). This was an amazing surprise. I would come back for the oysters, service and ambiance.”   – GT Oyster Diner