Introducing Venga’s New & Improved Weekly Report


We first introduced our clients to the Venga Weekly Report in 2015 to provide actionable analytics from restaurants’ POS and OpenTable data. For many of our clients, their Weekly Report identifying unique dining trends has been an integral part of their hospitality success.

Here at Venga, we are always striving for improvement that will benefit our users. In our new and improved Weekly Reports, we have addressed suggestions from our valued clients.

Our goals were simple: provide Weekly Reports that increased usability, included all of our business intelligence tools, and best prepared your restaurant for the week ahead.

What’s New:

Headlines: Our redesigned headlines highlight the most important trends from the previous week, forecast the week to come, and analyze any reviews. Beyond the headlines, we dig deeper into diner trends by quantifying cover count, cancelations/no shows, and the top 5 reservation codes used from the last 8 weeks.

Staff Performance Metrics: We conduct a data analysis of your staff based on the last 15 reviews mentioning a specific server’s name. Armed with this intel, you can easily recognize exceptional hospitality, or quickly provide constructive feedback to servers in need of extra support.

Reviews: We collect and analyze all incoming reviews about your venue to transform countless, varied reviews into actionable feedback. This is displayed in graphs detailing star counts to provide at-a-glance insights into trending terms from the past week.

Upcoming Data: We know you love the business intelligence capabilities that Venga offers, and now they will be even more accessible than ever! Instead of asking Venga for additional reports, they will now just be included in your Weekly Report. Additional reports include: Booked Covers vs. Average YOY, Weekly Weather Forecasts for your restaurant, and any large parties of 10 or more, including any notes or codes for the upcoming week.

What’s Improved:

Top Spender Information: We provide you with a list of the Top 5 Repeat Guests and the Top 5 First Time Diners. These lists include the date of a diners’ most recent visit and links to their POS data for even more understanding.

Email Marketing Statistics: We deliver all analytics from any e-mail campaigns sent in the last 10 weeks, including open rates, click throughs, and any ROI data from reservations.  For Feedback Surveys, analytical intelligence includes recipient number, as well as the open percentage of sent surveys.