Venga + MailChimp + Facebook

Fresh from the Venga kitchen are two new exciting menu items we’ve recently added to satisfy your marketing appetite! First we built an integration with the popular email marketing service, MailChimp, and then we headed over to Facebook where we developed the ability to run targeted ads to your guests.

MailChimp Integration

By using our Venga MailChimp integration, your email marketing efforts are enhanced by the following features:

  • Automatic sharing of reservation email contacts to MailChimp
  • One click sharing and automatic updating of targeted marketing lists (eg. Wine Lovers) from the Venga dashboard to MailChimp
  • Ability to view the spend and reservation count driven by your email campaigns (with point-of-sale integration)
  • Automatic creation of guest profiles from your web sign ups

Facebook Advertising


With Venga’s Facebook advertising, you can automatically target customers who visited the restaurant with up to four types of Facebook ad campaigns.

  • Fan Builder Campaign: Customers will be automatically targeted with an ad prompting them to “like” the restaurant’s Facebook page for seven consecutive days after they dine
  • We Miss You Campaign: Customers who haven’t visited in a pre-defined period of time will be targeted with an ad prompting them to make a reservation
  • Special Interest Campaign: Customers can be targeted based on their past visit and purchase history (e.g. customers who bought wine bottles would be targeted with an ad featuring wine imagery while those who bought beer would be targeted with beer imagery)
  • Cross Location Campaign: Customers who have visited one restaurant in the group are encouraged to visit one or more other restaurants

The restaurants currently taking advantage of this tool have been consistently beating Facebook’s average conversion rate. In fact, they are getting nearly 25x more clicks than benchmark ads at half the cost!