Introducing Venga’s Facebook Fan Builder

Facebook can be daunting for any business without huge marketing resources. Between posting, gaining followers, and advertising, it can be hard to know how to optimize your time and dollars spent on social media.
It’s tough – but we all know it’s a necessary beast with great returns especially on the local level. Restaurants need to be active on Facebook.

At Venga, our goal is always to save you time and help you better connect with your guests. Knowing that many restaurants struggle to find time to dedicate to social media, Venga released our Facebook Fan Builder.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A guest makes a reservation and dines in your restaurant.
  2. For the next several days, they will see an ad from your restaurant prompting them to “Like” your page.
  3. You gain engaged followers without lifting a finger – at a fraction of the cost.

Unlike regular Facebook advertising, Venga is targeting guests that have already dined at your restaurants. That makes them much more likely to “Like” your page reducing the costs of building your fanbase.

Want to get creative? We’d love to work with you to set up other ad campaigns. How about promoting your brunch to diners who have only been in for dinner? Have several locations in the same region? Promote the sister locations where a guest has never dined. Create a special offer for only your VIP’s to see.

We want to hear your ideas! Contact us today to get started.