6 Strategies for Improving Email Pitches to SMBs

With 81 percent of small business owners now being contacted by between one and five sales reps each week, according to a survey by Street Fight and Thrive Analytics, it’s becoming harder for digital marketing vendors to stand out from the pack. In this case, pitching smarter doesn’t mean casting a wider net. It means building on the experiences of others to come up with the types of strong, quick messaging that small business owners prefer.

Email is the go-to channel for pitching within the hyperlocal community, with 63 percent of merchants in Street Fight’s survey saying they prefer that marketing service providers contact them via email, compared to nine percent who said they prefer being contacted by phone.

We wanted to know what service providers can do to increase the effectiveness of their email pitches, so we went directly to the source. Here are six strategies vendors say they’ve successfully used to break through the clutter in local merchants’ inboxes.

Include differentiating information in the email subject line. “Subject lines are the most important thing for cold emails. We try to grab their attention using a variety of differentiating information. Include a mutual acquaintance or the fact that you’re traveling to their city in the subject line.” (Winston Lord, Venga)



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