Restaurant Buzzword of 2015: Mobile

Mobile has been the top buzzword at restaurant industry conferences for the last couple years. Restaurants of all sizes and styles are starting to realize the importance of a mobile strategy to fit their brand. Be it mobile payments, loyalty, responsive websites and emails, or text alerts, mobile is here to stay. Since mobile restaurant technology is relatively¬†new, not much research has been done to prove its effectiveness. Venga took a look at some mobile payment and email data – the conclusion? Mobile can improve the guest experience AND positively impact a restaurant’s bottom line.

This is based on a study of 22 restaurants using mobile payments and 411,496 reservations over the past 12 months.

  • The average meal length was 1 hour and 42 minutes across guests, but guests who pay with mobile have meal time of 1 hour and 34 minutes. This is a difference of 8 minutes, or about 8% of the total meal time. We can conclude with very high confidence that the use of mobile payments reduces the meal time. Meal was measured from the time a check was opened to the time that check was closed.
  • Guests who pay with mobile book nearer to their reservation date than the average guest.
  • Guests who pay with mobile are more often 2-tops rather than 3- to 8-tops compared to the typical guest.
  • Over 35% of emails sent by restaurants are opened on mobile devices (tablet and phone). This stat is based on 120,000 emails sent in the month of June 2015. This is across all emails campaigns and is not specific to mobile payments.