Have an Appetite for Restaurant Data?

Between OpenTable, your point-of-sale, email marketing, and guest feedback, your restaurants have huge stores of data. Not only is accessing this data difficult, but it’s also extremely intimidating in its raw form. The cherry on top is that all of that data is siloed – the systems don’t communicate with each other. Why is accessing and understanding you own data such a feat? With Venga’s All You Can Eat data package, you’ll get a dedicated Venga data analyst who will provide you with insights and recommendations to make fact-based decisions for your business. Know which guests to target in your emails, how your restaurant is performing versus similar concepts, and anything else you’d like. The world is your oyster!

The All You Can Eat data package includes:

  • Full access to a senior Venga data analyst who analyzes your data and provides summarized insights and suggested action plans
  • Access to a business intelligence platform that cuts and slices your database based on over 80 metrics (the Venga dashboard on steroids)
  • Pre-shift alerts of guests who often cancel or no show, are frequent reviewers, or have made concurrent reservations at multiple restaurants from a database of hundreds of restaurants
  • Summaries of upcoming reservations and comparison to overall trends in your neighborhood or city
  • Benchmark reports comparing the performance of your restaurants over time and to an aggregate of similar restaurants
  • Statistical analysis of reviews tied to menu items,¬†servers, and restaurant layout
  • Automated guest code and reservation code recommendations