Consolidate your restaurant’s tech with Venga

We’ve heard it a million times from restaurant operators. You’re too bogged down with technology. You get overwhelmed with all the options. You don’t want to waste time training staff on a fad that won’t be around next year. Venga cuts through the clutter by combining all aspects of your guest management into one platform. No longer do you need a separate CRM, email marketing service, and feedback management tool because Venga combines and integrates them. Having systems that speak to each other will save you and your staff valuable time that can now be spent with your guests. Information is pushed to you when you want it via email reports, into your existing OpenTable terminal, and on the Venga dashboard.

Feedback Aggregate online reviews from dozens of sites like Yelp, OpenTable, and Facebook, which Venga will send to you in one daily email report. When possible, we tie these reviews to POS data so that follow up is a breeze. Julie complained of poor service and an overly salty entree – with POS data you can know to follow up with her server Michael and talk to the kitchen about the salty salmon.

We know reviews can be actionable on an individual level, but what about as a whole? Which menu items are showing up most often in positive reviews? Which servers most often get mentioned negatively? Drawing conclusions from all of this qualitative data can be difficult and time consuming. Venga uses sentiment analysis to help you analyze your review data and show you trends easily.

Marketing By tying your email marketing data to OpenTable and POS, you’ll unlock real ROI metrics you never could before. See how many reservations, covers, and dollars are brought in due to each email campaign. Finally – a better way than open rates to prove your campaign’s effectiveness.

Venga will also keep your email lists up-to-date with new contacts coming in through OpenTable on an automatic nightly basis. No need to export and import lists from OpenTable to your email system manually before every campaign. Because your contacts are linked with POS data, you can also pull targeted lists based on your guests’ order history. Only send that email about your upcoming wine dinner to those that have ordered wine before. Create VIP lists based on spend history. These lists will update dynamically so anyone who should be added to the list for the next time will be.

Front-of-houseConnecting the POS to OpenTable is our holy grail, and nowhere is this more obvious than the front-of-house. Venga matches reservations in OpenTable with their orders in the POS so you know their preferences before they step in the door. We craft guest intelligence to help you personalize service like average spend, favorite wine varietal, number of visits to the group, and many others. We send this intelligence to you daily in a preshift report so you can prepare for that night’s shift.

Arguably the most powerful feature of Venga shares all of this guest data dynamically across your group’s locations – something no enterprise group has been able to do until now.

Data Analytics The three features above allow you to interact with your guests on a one-to-one basis, but what about larger trends? Venga’s data analysts are at your disposal to decipher your reservation, POS, marketing, and feedback data into actionable results. Find out information you never could before by unlocking the power of your own data.

Check out a few examples of the ways Venga makes your data actionable:

  • You know what menu items are ordered the most. But do those staples bring guests back? See what menu items drive the most repeat visits.
  • Same day cancellations and no shows are the worst. Tag them in OpenTable so you know to double confirm.
  • Tell us how you’d like your data, and we can serve it up in an automated report delivered exactly when you need it!

Get Venga for a hi-tech solution for hi-touch hospitality groups.