Restaurant Marketing 101: Effective Events

Events are an excellent way to extend your brand to new audiences, thank regulars, and drive traffic. Intrigue new audiences and drive home your involvement in the community by sponsoring a charity event. Host VIP events to thank your regulars and further cement their business. Change up the day-to-day routine and increase your guests’ frequency by hosting recurring events like half off wine night. Below we break down some creative event ideas. Keep in mind, every concept is different so not every event is right for every restaurant. Start by figuring out what events will help hammer home your brand.


  • Charity events
  • Local sports teams
  • Industry conferences/events


  • Cooking classes
  • Iron chef battle
  • Catering

Recurring Events:

  • Trivia night
  • Kid’s discounts
  • Live music
  • Holiday parties

Get Creative:

  • Wine night
  • VIP events
  • Venue services
  • Partner with local restaurants/vendors