Online Reviews Have You All Revved Up?

Venga knows how difficult an effective feedback management strategy can be. We save you time by aggregating reviews from Yelp, OpenTable, and others. Following up with a dissatisfied guest is more efficient with reviews tied to POS data. You can even request private feedback through branded feedback surveys.
This spring we introduced you to our feedback analysis tools – Keyword Search and Sentiment Analysis. The mass of qualitative data you collect on these sites could all of a sudden produce actionable trends and insights. Want to know what words most positively or negatively affect your guests’ experiences? What are people saying about your servers in reviews?

This week Venga made some upgrades to your feedback tools:

  • Visual displays broken down by month/week/day, location, or review source
  • Sentiment automatically broken down by categories like food, beverage, and atmosphere
  • Hover-overs and drag and drop interactions that make each graph interactive
  • Links on unmatched reviews taking you straight to your review page for that site