Your data, the way you want it

At Venga we work hard to make your day easier. We built a core service that aggregates reviews, automates marketing, and delivers guest intelligence to your fingertips before every shift. Every restaurant is a snowflake however, and sometimes your restaurant has a unique set of needs that go beyond what we provide off the shelf. This is why we introduced custom reporting.
Six months ago we started working very closely with a dedicated group of clients who revealed to us the manual guest reports they were putting together every day. Our mission was to automate as much of what they were doing as humanly possible, and we did. Now you too can get in on the reports that other restaurants have been using for months to boost their bottom line.

See below for some examples…


The holy grail of benchmarking: Monthly Comparison Report

  • Similar to the weekly report on a monthly scale
  • Includes reservation behavior, repeat visitor trends, reservation booking trends and changes in reviews over time
  • Integrate the report into your dashboard to compare any two periods of time

Decrease your same day cancellations: Daily Call to Confirm Report

  • 20% of guests who canceled or no showed in the past are likely to cancel last minute
  • Provides a list of guests who have canceled in the past sent prior to each shift
  • Call to confirm these guests shortly before dining to reduce last-minute cancellations

Use real guest feedback for staff development: Server Feedback Report

  • Consolidate guest feedback into overall scores for individual servers
  • Breakdown full reviews for each server
  • Track server improvement from month to month

What are YOU currently doing that Venga can automate? Let us know!