Shiny New Pre Shift Reports

Because so many of you have made our pre shift report your exclusive source for diner intelligence this past year, we asked ourselves how we could make this report even more valuable for you. We overhauled the existing report, and designed something brand new.

First, we gave it a facelift. By redesigning the report to we’ve made it more intuitive and easier to read on your phone when you’re on the go.

Second, you can now see photos of your guests next to their reservation. For the past year we’ve had many requests to include the ability to host photos of your guests, and now it’s finally here.

Third, you can see each guest’s table number in the report. This is optional and can be selected within your admin site.

If you want to upload a photo ahead of time, just search for the guest in the dashboard and upload the photo into their profile. You can also click on the photo icon in the pre shift report to add a photo.