Weekly Series: Small Details With Large Impacts

Improvements in technology are helping restaurateurs operate with more efficiency, but are the guests feeling more satisfaction as a result. OpenTable has compiled a plethora of rich data that delves into the small details that foster loyalty in customers.

Recent research has found that a guest’s experience of their appetizer directly relates to later feelings about their entre. Finding the right balance of flavors and presentation for your appetizers is key to ensuring that the entre remains the focal point of your guest’s meal.

As the restaurant industry bounces back from the recession, more people are eating out, and subsequently becoming “foodies”. Patrons are becoming pickier in their preferences, and so restaurant operators are learning to minimize their plate sizes and menu choices to appease these more particular guests.

Designing a menu is difficult, but ensuring that you can consistently source your ingredients and raw materials with reliability can be a challenging task. Simplifying your supply chain can be done effectively through following these smart business practices explained by Ric Scicchitano.