What do my Yelp reviews REALLY mean?

Ever feel like you’re wasting your time bouncing from Yelp to OpenTable to TripAdvisor? And once you’ve reviewed all your guests’ feedback, do you understand the key issues or feel bogged down in a data overload? Enter Venga.

Venga consolidates all your reviews from Yelp, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, Google+, and dozens of others. You can now see all your feedback in one place – either on Venga’s dashboard or in a daily email report. Respond directly to your guests and save time by automatically knowing vital information like their server and menu items ordered (because Venga links reviews to point-of-sale data).

Awesome, right? It gets better. With the release of Venga’s new sentiment analysis features, you can easily quantify customer reviews to see which terms most often sway a guest’s experience positively or negatively. Venga computes this swarm of unstructured data into actionable results by displaying a visual heatmap as part of its existing dashboard.

How can you actually use this?

  • Check the heatmap – Look at the most positively and negatively used terms in the heatmap. By seeing that sangria and the patio are consistently mentioned in a positive context, you can decide to focus marketing efforts there.
  • Research a specific keyword – Measure the performance of menu staples, seasonal offerings, and servers. You may sell a lot of the lobster risotto, but is that what is bringing guests back? Sometimes menu buzzwords do more selling than the quality so make sure you’re delivering.
  • Daily checkup – Check the Venga feedback report daily and respond to guests leaving both positive and negative comments (remember, it’s a breeze now that you have POS data). On the flip side of this, make sure you’re following up with your staff to correct issues and acknowledge a job well done.