Weekly Series: Summer Trends 2015

Here are 7 ingredient / product trends to take away from the 61st annual Summer Fancy Food Show. Look out for revamped packagings and unconventional flavors to come into prominence.

Good news for restaurateurs for summer 2015! It looks like, “the pendulum is swinging”, back to dine-in restaurant consumption. More and more patrons are preferring a dine-in experience in restaurants as opposed to carry out.

Are your concepts looking as aesthetically pleasing, and running as seamlessly as they should? If not, summer is the time to take action. Check out these 7 easy tips on improving your restaurant’s looks, while also decreasing clutter.

The most analyzed and talked about generation, The Millennials, are now officially the biggest population segment in the United States. See how experts are analyzing this important demographic, and how their preferences are shifting the restaurant industry this summer.

The independent, 2015 NCR Restaurant Technology Pulse, survey found that 35 percent of restaurants are more dependent on tech tools compared to a year ago. More and more restaurateurs are acknowledging the importance of innovative tech on increasing their overall revenue.