Restaurant Marketing 101: Creative Content

The most successful method of attracting customer loyalty is by creating valuable content. This causes customers to use your social media pages as a trusted resource while still promoting your brand’s message. Yet coming up with this creative content can be a whole new form of food fight. These suggestions may help you find new ways to reach your audience.

Play up your restaurants’..features.

Your best marketing resource is to capitalize what your restaurant already has to offer. Channel your creativity by asking these questions and using the answers for content.

  • What is your restaurants backstory? Share the context and history behind your concept. How was the theme created? Was there a unique way that your chefs came up with an idea for a dish? Passionate customers will be excited to learn more about how your restaurant came to be.
  • Have a signature dish? Feature it. Make a social media account for the specific product, letting it’s “voice” literally speak for itself. Share a “poor man’s” version of the recipe– Customers will still come in for the real thing! Give tips for various wines to pair with the dish, encouraging customers to order it multiple times for a unique experience with each visit.
  • Is your restaurant diet friendly? Shout it from the rooftops. As dieters tend to  look up restaurants and check menu’s ahead of time, marketing these products is a huge advantage in terms of Search Engine Optimization. Feature these dishes to bring in the skinny mini’s and the big bucks.

Play up your restaurants’..employees.

Your staff members are your greatest brand ambassadors. As they represent the face of your restaurant, you should be sharing their smiles with the world.

  • Feature Q/A’s with various employees. Have them explain their role in the restaurant, or any entertaining traditions they follow at each location. Location frequenters will love to learn more about their favorite staff.
  • Have your employees select their favorite dish on the menu and explain why. Not only will they be able to highlight specific features of the dish, but their variety of responses could inspire customers to try a new menu item.
  • Feature the method behind the madness: your chef. Allow customers to take a bit of your chef’s culinary mastermind home with them via chef tips, how to videos, or even reveal your kitchen in action.

Play up your restaurants’..location.

Whats a better way to give relevant content to customers than to relate to the area around you? Don’t be afraid to share the love by calling out other popular area attractions and  even eateries. What goes around comes around!

  • Attract tourists with a list of things to do in your city. Highlight local attractions and eateries (including yourself!), or specify the must have dishes in your area.
  • Make a top ten list for customers to use. What are the ten best local drinks? Ten most entertaining restaurant themes? Ten locally sustainable restaurants to try?  Or even ten most ordered items at your restaurant?
  • Capitalize on local events by featuring them in your content as well. Offer special deals for attendees, or suggestions about where to get a drink or meal during and after.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Content Marketing is limitless and the fresher your content, the more useful your social media outlets are as a resource. However, be sure to always keep your theme and SEO in mind.