Venga Doubles Restaurant Reservations From Email

First there were email open rates, then click-through rates, and now “book-through rates.” Venga is coining the term to describe the number of reservations resulting from email and other digital campaigns – a metric that was near impossible to measure until now. Emails sent using Venga’s targeting options result in over double the reservations and revenue than the industry average. In addition to doubling book-through rates, these targeted emails see average open rates of 30% (compared to the restaurant industry average of 23%). Venga completed a comprehensive analysis of email marketing in the restaurant industry comparing emails using Venga’s targeting to those that did not.

This study accompanies Venga’s new marketing analytics features. Venga makes it easy to tie email campaigns to in-store purchases – a gap that was previously difficult to bridge. Book-through rates used to be an arduous and manual process involving custom tracking links and endless spreadsheets. Now marketers (and their bosses!) can see how many reservations, covers, and dollars are brought in due to each campaign seamlessly.

“We’ve always heard frustrations from restaurant marketers looking to prove actual ROI on their campaigns,” says Venga’s CMO, Winston Lord. “Open and click rates are fine metrics for engagement, but how do you know which emails are driving revenue? Book-through rates solve that.”

Email campaigns sent through the Venga platform can be targeted in a number of ways that increase their effectiveness.  Guests can be segmented based on menu items (soft shell crab, Rosé), menu categories (red wine, event fee), OpenTable guest codes (VIP), or day-part (brunch). Venga can also trigger automated and branded campaigns based on things like birthday or time since last visit.