Client Spotlight: Britney Ziegler of David Burke Group

Meet Britney Ziegler of David Burke Group. Britney has been working the the restaurant business since 2009, moving up within David Burke Group over the past five years to her current role as Vice President of Brands, Marketing and Development.

Venga: What makes Venga different from other marketing services you’ve used?

Britney: Venga’s platform is at the forefront of marketing services in the restaurant industry. Their difference is that their extremely customizable campaign and analysis parameters allow us to enhance our business by truly analyzing our guest database. Plus, Venga is always willing to think outside the box when it comes to data analysis!

Venga: How does Venga make your job easier?

Britney: Venga’s analysis of informative and specialized guest traffic and spending behaviors aids my strategy development. Through one seamless and insightful platform, Venga gives us a comprehensive big picture view of our internal business trends, guest recovery, and potential for heightened service at the restaurant operations level.

Venga: Would you recommend Venga to a fellow restaurant marketer?

Britney: Absolutely. The amount of robust big-data analysis that Venga provides is the future of targeted digital marketing in the restaurant space.

Venga: How do you use Venga’s insights to impact business decisions?

Britney: On our end, this is still in the “discovery” phase as we try to distill data into actionable insights. However, understanding our guests spend habits and how that translates into in-restaurant promotions is key. Our next challenge is how we can turn this information in order to analyze menu items, price points, and frequency.