Weekly Series: Getting The Most From Your Servers

Train to Sell, Not Just to Serve

If managers train their servers to engage in selling behaviors while on the floor, this will lead to increases in check averages and the overall profitability of the concept. After all, part of great service is exceptional salesmanship.

Managing Problem Employees

Although managers do their best to hire competent, reliable, and trustworthy employees, inevitably a few mediocre, or downright incapable hires make it through the cracks. Here are some tips for dealing with such hires, and how to remedy such situations quickly and efficiently.

The Rewards of Reducing Employee Turnover

Reducing staff turnover, especially amongst servers, is a proactive way to ensure consistency and stability in your restaurants. Taking some preemptive steps to accomplish this requires little effort, and the rewards are immense.

Increasing Efficiency in Servers

In order for your staff to run like a well-oiled machine, it needs to be organized, and led, by a savvy leader. Reinforcing staff roles, allowing input from subordinates, and developing specific job procedures for servers are just some of the many ways to provide enhanced continuity within your team.

Leadership Styles & Management

Although your staff should be functioning like a team, attending to and treating your servers on an individual basis is key to improving performances amongst them as a whole. Balancing the need to have a consistent leadership presence, while also not micromanaging your staff, is a key balance to strive for while managing your servers.