Weekly Series: What’s on Your Menu?

Quick Guide to Pricing Menu Items
Pricing food and drink items on your menu many seem intuitive and straight forward, but there is actually quite a lot of thought and calculation that goes into the process.

The Psychology of Menu Design

The psychology of menu design is intricate to say the least. The smallest alterations on menu formatting and décor can have substantial impacts on how much the average ticket rises per customer.

Specialized Menus for Special Customers

Along with having a warm, accommodating staff, supplying customers with a menu that caters to their specialized needs, like food allergies or dietary restrictions, can go a long way towards strengthening the relationship and improving visitor frequency.

Major Considerations in Menu Design

Tips on how to design, and format an effective menu for your restaurant. The ideal restaurant menu offers a balance of classic dishes and fresh food trends, while balancing the right food cost to maintain and increase profits.

Menu Mysteries Explained

Have you ever wondered why appetizers are more expensive than the entre? Or why your drinks are so sweet? Industry trends are not only guiding what’s on the menu, but also how expensive those items should be, and how they should be prepared.