Weekly Series: Catering to Millennials in 2015

5 Tips to Develop Loyal Relationships with Millennials

Developing customer loyalty is crucial, especially amongst Millennial consumers who are easier to reach than ever. See how generational habits amongst Millennials are enabling savvy marketers and restaurateurs to capitalize on trends and increase their brand awareness.

Wine-Loving Millennials Are Sending Beer Industry Into a Panic

Varied and refined tastes amongst younger patrons are causing large American breweries to rethink their strategies.

Marketing to Your Millennial Audience

Although they are the most technologically active demographic in the world, connecting with Millennials often relies on a more personal touch. The Integration of personal promotions and multimedia approaches are key to resonating with Generation Y.

What Millennials Want

Restaurants are a place for Millennials to gather, not just to eat. Providing a plethora of menu options, creating the appropriate ambiance, and making members within a group feel uniquely valued as individuals are all tenants towards achieving the optimal environment for Millennial customers.

Move Over Millennials: Gen Z Makes Their Preferences Known

Is generation Z the real demographic for marketers and restaurateurs to focus on? See why some industry experts are confident that the youngest population segments will be driving growth in the industry the most in years to come.