What Do You Know About Your Mother’s Day Diners?

What comes to mind when you think of your dining room on Mother’s Day – this year on May 10? No doubt images of families filing in for brunch in their Sunday best come to mind. This is a special occasion and with that comes high expectations. You may know to keep the Rosé stocked and equip your restaurant for larger parties, but what else do you know? Below Venga shares a few observations from reflecting on past Mother’s Day holidays.

  1. Mother’s Day diners are generally unhappy with their experience.
    What you may be surprised to know is that many restaurants find Mother’s Day to be their worst reviewed day of the year. Mother’s Day loses out to other high expectation holidays like Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve. While you may blame this on a wave of first-time diners trying out a new place in honor of mom, you should note…
  2. …this includes your regulars.
    While repeat guests typically leave higher feedback ratings than first time diners, on Mother’s Day these repeat guests actually left worse feedback than other guests. What could be worse than disappointing your regulars?
  3. Mother’s Day brunch is the most profitable brunch service of the year.
    Guests spend 30% more on Mother’s Day brunch than typical Sunday brunches. There’s a huge opportunity here to recover these high spending and often unsatisfied guests.

Venga’s new feedback features like keyword search and sentiment analysis make digging through your guest feedback a breeze. Gain actionable insights from this unstructured mass of data easily and quickly. For example, see that guests who are served by Hannah usually have a great experience while those who order the soft-shell crab leave disappointed. Analyze this data regularly and particularly before holidays and seasonal changes to maximize your guests’ satisfaction.