Case Study: Targeted Restaurant Emails = ROI

Problem: Most restaurants blast emails out to their whole list without any personalization or targeting. Opens and click through rates are low (averaging 24% and 2% respectively for the restaurant industry) and unsubscribes are high. Marketers are stretched thin as it is so how do you target emails without tripling their load?

Solution:Venga can identify diner trends from your data that can help form your restaurant’s targeted marketing plan. For example, the average restaurant sees 20% of repeat guests return within 12 weeks followed by a drop off period. Using that data, you can set up an automated “We Miss You” email campaign branded to your restaurant. Automatically email guests 12 weeks after their last visit encouraging them to come back sooner. Most restaurants also see a spike in repeat visits about a year after the last visit (and two years, and three years, etc). That is likely due to birthdays and anniversaries. Set up a campaign to email guests a month before these special occasions.

Result: Restaurants are seeing open rates up to 50-60% due to these targeted and personalized emails. Venga can take that one step further and help you prove ROI on these campaigns. In addition to clicks and opens, you can see how many guests booked reservations because of your emails and how much they spent. From a typical “We Miss You” campaign, 10% of lapsed guests book reservations after being contacted by the restaurant. Overall, restaurants are seeing an increase in bookings of 5-9% due to targeted emails. The cherry on top? Repeat guests are averaging a 34% higher check average on their follow up visits.