Integration the Main Theme at NYC Hospitality Alliance Tech Panel

“Technologies should enhance what you do, not do what you do – waiters are ambassadors to the product, iPads aren’t.”


Hundreds flooded a lower West Side auditorium for the sold-out NYC Hospitality Alliance Tech Conference last week. The half-day event featured panels of restauranteurs and tech leaders, sharing their thoughts on the intersection between technology and hospitality in 2015. While a number of subjects were covered,
one topic received particular attention. Across the board, restauranteurs expressed a need to integrate and consolidate the tech solutions that they use day-to-day. Michael Jacos of Corner Table Restaurants described what true integration means to him. He conveyed the desire for a single database across all platforms. Michael noted that this will only be achieved if we collaboratively create standards to foster communication between systems.

Our co-founder, Winston, was featured on a panel with leaders from LivingSocial and He discussed Venga’s focus on creating technology that enhances the hospitality experience as opposed to replacing it. When asked how we approach data analysis, Winston noted the need to make data actionable, and to push it to the fingertips of the front-of-house team. Winston described how Venga’s integration between OpenTable and the POS creates a single database of guests across a group’s locations. By tying these two pools of data together, we empower restaurants with valuable guest insights, while bringing them one step closer to full technological integration.