Introducing Venga’s New Weekly Benchmark Report

Feast your eyes on Venga’s new Weekly Report that provides actionable analytics from your POS and OpenTable data. Every Monday you can get unique insights into your guests’ spend and visit habits, satisfaction, and more sent directly to your inbox! These reports are broken down to the individual restaurant so you can make data-driven decisions for your business using your own benchmarks.
For example:

  • Identify trends around your upcoming and past reservations. Spot ahead of time a light Sunday brunch compared to your typical Sunday traffic and plan marketing accordingly. How did No Shows last week compare to your usual drop-off rate?
  • Evaluate your strongest performing guest and reservation codes from last week and how those cover averages compared to your overall cover average. Do VIPs really spend more? What about birthday diners?
  • See lists of your top spending guests from the previous week. You will have the ability to email them directly from a link in the report to thank them personally.

Many of the metrics on this report were suggestions from our clients that we thought would benefit everyone. Contact Venga today to see a full sample report!