Restaurant Holiday Marketing Tips

Own This Holiday Season With Tips From Venga

This year Venga crunched the numbers on holiday dining and offers you some tips for how to maximize restaurants’ busiest time of year. Through our OpenTable and point-of-sale integration, we’re able to provide you with these unique insights. Happy Holidays!

The more the merrier – literally.
Parties of five or more increase by 50% over the holidays compared with other times of year.
Think of ways to make the experience easier and more enjoyable for large parties. Include a prix fixe menu, which helps the guests and your kitchen. Bonus points if the menu includes premium add-ons since diners during the holidays tend to order more dishes and more splurge-worthy ingredients. Target your emails to make sure those who booked a private party last year will remember you again this year.

The early bird gets the covers.
Diners are 2x more likely to make holiday reservations a month or more in advance compared with the rest of the year. They are 50% more likely to book two weeks in advance.
Diners are planning ahead and so should you. Start emailing your list four weeks ahead of each holiday with whatever promotion you’re running to get a jump start on the competition. Make sure to include links that take them directly to the reservations page and any special menu you’re featuring. Send again two weeks out to fill up last minute tables.


Hello, Stranger.
The average holiday reservation book consists of 80% first-time diners.
Work on a retention strategy now. You’ll collect hundreds of new email addresses during the holidays so start thinking about how you’ll bring them back. Venga makes this easy for you. Automatically send win-back offers to any lapsed guests who haven’t visited in a while prompting them to reserve again.