The Intern Diaries: Capitalism in the Nation’s Capital

Positivity and energy are two crucial requirements for a productive work environment. With EDM music playing in the background of a room full of lively young professionals, Venga is definitely a fun place to work. This close knit team environment is supplemented by company bonding functions including food trip Friday, push up club, company-wide happy hours and how could we forget the office warming party featuring Venga’s own DJ duo “Champagne Acid.”

This summer, there were a total of six interns yet I was the only tech intern. This was my first professional, real world work experience and since day one I felt a part of the team striving to assist the development team. Throughout the duration of my summer internship, I was put on several projects where I was actually able to apply some of the skills I acquired from my electrical engineering degree. It’s definitely rewarding to work at a company for only three months and to actually be able to provide and deploy production code that is now a part of Venga’s integration system. As the only tech intern I was often assisting other employees and interns in tech related issues. I was similar to IT/Tech support in many situations. Being a part of the Tech team, my desk in Venga’s office was in the same pod as the CEO, CTO and operations manager. This short distance and face to face interaction really helped me develop relationships and it made it easier to ask work related questions.

Startup companies such as Venga often have a vital social interaction component. Everyone knows everyone, not just on a name to name basis but actual personality traits and random facts. Example: Kathleen… Does not like oranges. I think in a smaller more personal work environment there is less ambiguity and confusion in the general goal or vision of a certain product or project. In a large scale firm, I’m assuming, a worker would complete a small piece of the puzzle without a true understanding of the “big picture.” Being right in the fray of a relatively new company, I found it fascinating to see how different changes in the corporate world effected Venga.

When Priceline bought OpenTable, a company Venga works with, it was a big deal and an exciting moment for everyone involved. I honestly believe that was one of the most valuable experiences I received from my 13 weeks. I got to witness capitalism first hand. Ironic enough, I can see the Capitol from my desk!

Interning at Venga was more rewarding than I ever expected. Not only did I gain extremely valuable software development skills but I also was exposed to a real world environment in the nation’s capital. The people I met were amazing. The food I tasted changed my life. I LOVE VENGA!

-Derek McCubbin