Client Spotlight: Fig & Olive

Featuring the flavors of Italy, Spain, and Southern France, Fig & Olive offers an unparalleled dining experience. The restaurant group focuses on immersing guests in the Mediterranean through fresh ingredients accented by paired olive oils. Under the direction of Executive Chef Pascal Lorange who hails from Southern France, the menu changes seasonally, with dishes ranging from Galician inspired octopus to Sicilian influenced antipasti. Nearby farms are frequently highlighted, with values on using local, fresh, and wholesome ingredients.

With Fig & Olive’s seventh location opening in Chicago this month, the restaurant group is certainly growing. But beyond its focus on sensational food, Fig & Olive also values personalized, warm hospitality. That’s where Venga comes in. Fig & Olive uses Venga to track guest preferences, monitor feedback, and target marketing efforts to individuals. Matthew Joseph, Fig & Olive’s Technology and Information Systems Director, talked recently in an article for Restaurant Hospitality about what he looks for in implementing new technology:

If you’re like us, you’re already using a POS, a reservation service, a payroll system and programs to help balance your books. The problem is most of these systems can’t talk to each other, leaving you unable to figure out what’s really happening in your business. Technology that can bring these systems and data points together is worth its weight in gold. It will save you time and make it easier to focus on growing your business, not just managing it.

By utilizing Venga at Fig & Olive’s seven locations, restaurant operators let previously siloed systems talk to each other. This allows them to know their guests better and tailor something like a marketing campaign to individuals. With the help of Venga, Fig & Olive created an automated email campaign that targeted guests who hadn’t recently dined with the restaurant group. By offering these specific guests an incentive to return, Fig & Olive increased its email open rates to 53% and generated almost 300 additional visits and over $36,000 in sales.

Fig & Olive’s commitment to superior customer relationship management earned a place as a finalist for the National Restaurant Association’s Operator Innovations Award. With restaurant technology and customer relationship management systems like Venga, restaurants like Fig & Olive are leading the way to the top of the industry.