Weekly Series: Dessert Trends

According To Google, Nothing Is Ever Going To Trump The Cupcake

Could anything ever beat the popularity of Cupcakes? See the trends in demand for different types of dessert over the past few years.

Restaurants incorporate Bourbon in popular desserts

See how your popular desserts are now being tastefully blended with bourbon.

Restaurants pair desserts with wine, beer and more

Restaurants are bringing together their dessert menu and their bar to make for a unique experience.

Macaroons poised to take over trendiest dessert tables

Macaroons seem to be the new trendiest food after disappearing for over 2 centuries.

From Champagne Violette and Hibiscus Beet to Pineapple Dole Whip and Coffee Bourbon—Try the Most Delicious and Unique Ice Cream!

Check out the 200 new flavors of ice cream this summer.