The Intern Diaries: The Modern Office

Offices of yesteryear are filled with cubicles, the illustrious corner office, the dreaded interior office, and little communication in person. Disputes and conflicts are often resolved over email and chat messages because it seems quicker and more efficient to deliberate in that way. In addition, ties and suits are the norm along with set office hours. This environment, although beneficial for some, does not appeal to many in the millennial generation that have come to expect flexible work hours, modern offices, and spaces for collaboration.

Venga recently moved from its location on Pennsylvania Ave. to a larger office in the up and coming Union Market District.  The space is filled with a couple of rooms ranging in size. One particularly large room is situated in the middle of the second floor and features desks nestled together. The room is open so everyone from the CEO to interns are working side by side. Plants and decorations adorn the tables while music plays in the background from a series of speakers on the wall. It’s this type of relaxed atmosphere where ideas are discussed and implemented together. Separate collaboration rooms are also located in the space where small meetings or informal calls can be taken. These areas contain sofas, a picnic table, and recliners to make employees feel comfortable, yet still be productive.

Dress is casual, lunch is informal, and snacks are abundant. However, in all this customers questions are still answered, our software continues to be updated, and our clients continue to praise Venga for its ability to arm them with actionable guest intelligence.

I’ve found my month with Venga to be a positive experience filled with memories of bright people, smart clients, and many laughs. “In this modern day there is nothing better than turning around in your chair and making a funny remark to illicit a human response not an emoticon.” –Nelson Billington

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