Weekly Series: Strategies for your Menu

Paleo trend catches on

Many restaurants are adding dishes that work with different diets in order to capture a different set of customers.


Gluten-free eating appears to be here to stay

Adjusting your menu to accommodate other trends like the gluten-free diet can help win over a large percentage of the population.


Raising menu prices

Raising menu prices requires a knowledge of not only your consumer’s willingness to spend but also the competition’s pricing strategies and the item’s role on your menu.


Morning has broken open

Tapping into different dayparts like breakfast can create new-found revenue sources for your restaurant.


Restaurants offer discounts, special menus to attract 5:30 dinner reservations

Offering menu deals for earlier reservation slots helps restaurants fill the gaps for those less desirable dining times.
And if you’re really looking to get creative with your menu, take a tip from one of these wacky restaurant concepts!