Case Study: Keep Your Negative Reviews Offline

Problem: A restaurant received an average of 42 negative reviews on Yelp every month. Not only were these reviews public, but the restaurant could not follow up on any of the issues.

Solution: With Venga, the restaurant can automatically send emails after each reservation requesting feedback. The emails and feedback survey are branded to the restaurant, and they can ask any questions about their guests’experience.

This gives the diner an outlet to privately communicate with the restaurant without blasting a negative review socially.

The best part about Venga’s feedback is that it is actionable. Since each review is seamlessly tied to POS data, management can know exactly who the diner was, their contact info, server and menu items ordered. No need to dig through data to follow up on a negative experience!

Result: The restaurant saw a 36% decrease in negative reviews on Yelp after implementing Venga. In addition, Venga delivered an average of 28 private negative reviews all tied to POS data.