Weekly Series: Healthy Restaurants

Study: Consumers to Dine Out Less Often in 2014

Restaurant traffic will be a key concern in 2014 as consumers say they plan to eat out less often — but not necessarily because of budget constraints, as has been the case since the recession.

Vegetarian Dishes See Broadening Appeal

Meatless options increasingly resonate with meat eaters and vegetarians alike.

Make Room for Mushrooms: Fungi Compete with Meat in Burgers

With so many people considering their meat consumption, the mushroom industry is hoping their product can become the next “other” white meat.

Restaurant Association Highlights Industry’s Nutritional Progress

“Nutrition and wellness are a top priority for the restaurant industry,” said Dawn Sweeney, president and CEO, NRA.

Adding “Local” As A Menu Descriptor

Restaurants are using local food, but they are not describing the food as “local” on menus. Maybe they should start!

And now something just for fun…