Weekly Series: Server Management

How to Remedy Rampant Employee Disengagement

It’s easy for employees to feel undervalued and disconnected from your goals. This article provides advice on how to involve your employees and encourage them to want the best for your restaurant too.

Why Paying Millennials by the Hour is a Mistake

With the millennial lifestyle, is an hourly wage a mistake? Read this article to learn more.

What Happens When You Abolish Tipping

One restaurant’s story about how getting rid of tipping affected their servers, service, and operations.

5 Risks That Can Hurt Growing Restaurants

Opening a restaurant is far from easy, read this article for advice on what to avoid.

Employees Gone Wild: Why You Need a Social Media Strategy TODAY

This article addresses the potential pitfalls of having an active social media presence and gives advice on how to manage your tweets/blogs/posts/etc. as well as possible.

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