Weekly Series: Restaurant Operations Advice

‘Horizontal’ Menu Training Helps in Problem Solving

It’s important for your servers to know what your menu offers, but it’s even more helpful for them to know what your dishes are like, which drinks pair well, and what ingredients they contain.

8 Ways to Keep your VIPs Happy

Tips on how to keep your most loyal customers coming back for more! (Venga can help with all of these.)

Restaurants Rethink Menus to Woo Baby Boomers

We hear a lot about the “Millennials” these days, but are they really the biggest group of restaurant-goers?

Good Causes and Effects

“Doing good is good business” – This article discusses the tangible benefits of community service for your restaurant.

The 5 Most Exciting Food and Drink Trends in the U.S.

Should you be hopping on the bandwagon? Check out these fun suggestions.

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