Weekly Series: Patrons are dictating the Path of the Restaurant Industry

Millenials are becoming the foodie generation

The younger generation, or “millenials,” are increasingly eating out more frequently than other generations. See how they’re affecting the restaurant industry.

Symbols on menus effective in educating diners

Research suggests that symbols can play a large role in how patrons select their meals. Learn about how a symbol next to a menu item can affect its popularity.

Direct Marketing for Restaurants: Nail the “Big 3”

Joy Gendusa, the owner and CEO of a direct mail marketing firm, explains the “Big 3” that you need in order to get consistently fantastic results from your mailing cards.

A Quick-and-Dirty Social Media Analysis That Won’t Cost You a Dime

A simplified look at marketing metrics and how you can use these numbers to improve your social media efforts.

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