Weekly Series: Tried-and-True Customer Loyalty

Fickle Restaurant Customers Go Crazy for One-Off Deals, Yet Traditional Loyalty Programs Can Still Attract Lots of Business

Full-service operators know that short-term specials and deals will give their restaurants a temporary revenue boost. But findings from a new study indicate that restaurants can use tried-and-true customer loyalty programs to build and retain a customer base without relying on costly dollars-off promotions.

Food Genius Reports Launches to Revolutionize Food Trends Research

Food Genius has officially launched it’s insights dashboard of data-driven restaurant menu trends dashboard for the food industry, and it’s impressive.

10 Questions to Ask When Something Fails

No matter how good we are, nobody can be perfect, although it is a lofty goal. Whenever something goes wrong, this is the opportunity for your best customer service strategies to kick in.

How Facebook’s Graph Search Could Affect Restaurants

Graph Search, a new function Facebook rolled out in a beta test to a limited number of people on Jan. 15, allows users to find pages of businesses, such as restaurants, that their friends like. Experts speculated that Graph Search could complement SEO strategies or perhaps lessen the influence of other online sites like Yelp.com…

Read about one restauranteur’s experience offering a $1 burger night with a Facebook offer. They increased their sales 50% compared with the previous Tuesday, when $1 burger night ran without the Facebook offer!

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